Louis Rochet (1813-1878): Napoleon Bonaparte, student of the Royal School in Brienne, aged 15 years old.

This monument to Napoleon, placed before the town hall, was inaugurated in the year 1859, during the Second Empire. Young Bonaparte is shown in his school uniform, holding a copy of Plutarch’s Parallel Lives in his left hand and with the right one tucked in his vest.


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A pair of shoes that once belonged to Josephine Bonaparte


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Two French Hussars on Patrol in Winter

Auguste Raffet, 1804-60

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Random sketches of imperial dragoons ~

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Apparently this is supposed to be a young Napoleon in Italy?

okay then

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Bonaparte at Arcole

H. Chartier, 1896 

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Café Le Procope is the oldest restaurant of Paris, founded in 1686. Among its famous clientele over the centuries were Rousseau, VoltaireBalzac, Victor Hugo, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and many more. During the turbulent years of the French Revolution, the café provided the backdrop for meetings between such notables as Robespierre, DantonMarat and the Cordeliers. Legend has it that Napoleon Bonaparte, then a young officer, once left his hat as collateral when he could not settle his bar tab.

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Posthumous Portrait of Jean-Baptiste Kleber - Adele de Kercado (1830)

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Emperor Napoleon I and his staff on horseback by Horace Vernet, 1850

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Uniform shakos of the 21st and 2nd line infantry regiments of the French army. The remains were found in the mass burial site of Napoleon’s Grand Army in Vilnius in 2002.


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