Napoleon reviewing the grenadiers of the Imperial Guard


Charles Steuben (1788-1856). Bonaparte remettant à Eugène l’épée de son père. 1824.

My scan.

Agar Adamson as Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte


Hatless Napoleon - postcard project - S.Playford

The Interview of General Bonaparte by Édouard Detaille, 1848-1912

Seal of the marshal of the French army and the head of the General Staff Louis Alexandre Berthier, early 19th c.


Napoleon before the battle by Guido Sigriste, 1895


Spain 1812, French Occupation by Eduardo Zamacois y Zabala, 1866

Anonymous asked: no but like napoleon bonaparte was acutally hot in his youth


Have you seen that pretty face? He could make anybody swoon


"According to David’s biographer Etienne-Jean Delécluze, who was then his pupil, the unfinished portrait of Bonaparte was painted from life in a three-hour session. He reports that the day after the sitting, David was effusive, “smiling more than usual and in such a way as to let see the tumor of his upper jaw.” Often cited are his comments to his inquisitive pupils on Bonaparte’s physiognomy: “Oh! My friends what a handsome head he has! It’s pure, it’s grand, it’s beautiful like the antique!" …. "In short,” he said, “my friends, he’s a man to whom altars would have been erected in antiquity; yes, my friends, yes, my dear friends! Bonaparte is my hero!”

—Philippe Bordes, pg. 77 in Jacques-Louis David: Empire to Exile (2007)