17th Light Dragoons Officer’s Bell Top Shako


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A Soldier on the Field of Battle

Horace Vernet, 1818

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This series of watercolours by the surgeon Charles Bell (1774 - 1882) shows soldiers wounded during the Battle of Waterloo. During his work treating the wounded in Brussels, Bell made sketches of some of the wounds and injuries he encountered, which he later used as bases for these watercolours. 

Check the source for more of Bell’s Waterloo watercolours, which give a very interesting insight in the far from glorious aftermath of one of the most famous battles in history. 

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"Carabinier assis sur une tertre" - Théodore Géricault

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Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1795-1812 (Nelson’s Trafalgar coat).

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Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Périgord, Prince de Bénévent

François Gérard 



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"A British Officer of the Staff and an Officer of Hussars," by Sir Robert Kerr Porter, 1810.

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Napoleon In Egypt” By V. Checa 1895

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The French Army Pulling Down the Rosbach Column

Pierre-Auguste Vafflard, 1810

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