Reading Larrey’s memoirs and in the first 10 pages 3 1/2 are of him talking about the symptoms and cures of sea sickness 

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Profile of Napoleon I with hat and uniform

Charles Nicolas Lafond, 1775-1835


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Portrait de Bonaparte

Jean-Antoine Gros, 1771-1835


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Genica Missirio as Murat in Napoléon (1927)

and this little gem

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Chest Detail at the Cleveland Museum of Art

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Wardrobes in History: Napoléon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French

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“He then inquired if I knew any French song, and among others, “Vive Henri Quatre.” I said I did not. He began to hum the air, became abstracted, and, leaving his seat, marched through the room, keeping time to the song he was singing. When he had done, he asked me what I thought of it; and I told him I did not like it at all, for I could not make out the air. In fact, Napoleon’s voice was most unmusical, nor do I think he had any ear for music; for neither in any of his subsequent attempts at singing, could I ever discover what tune he was executing. He was, nevertheless, a good judge of music, if any Englishwoman may say so, after his sweeping denunciation of our claims to that science, probably from having listened to the best performers. He expressed a great dislike to French music, which, he said, was almost as bad as the English, and that the Italians were the only people who could produce an opera.
— Elizabeth Lucia Abell, a.k.a. Betsy Balcombe: Recollections of the Emperor Napoleon: During the First Three Years of His Captivity en the Island of St. Helena. Betsy was fourteen years old when she met and, one could say, befriended, the exiled Napoleon. (via valinaraii)
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I’m reading about Robert the Bruce and the book just mentioned Napoleon

I can’t escape this asshole even for 5 minutes

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